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How to Choose a Design Agency/Consultant and Usability Exposure Hours

Recently I have been working on an article (not yet posted) to help organizations choose a web or application design agency/consultant. One of the key sections of the article discusses some things you can do to help you evaluate an … Continue reading

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Quick Hit: Customer Service Emails

Perhaps an example of how not to do your automated reply for customer service. Apparently,’s entire customer service organization is on vacation. If you liked this article: Maybe you’d like to hire us at: The Usability Review Subscribe to … Continue reading

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The Baffling Windows 7 Control Panel

Since the dawn of time (or maybe only the last several centuries), the dictionary has been organized so that users can quickly scan vertical lists or words and find the page and the word that is of interest to them … Continue reading

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Splitting Your Site Into Multiple Domains is a No-No

I recently did some work for Suzuki on their domain with another agency. One of the things that I noticed was that Suzuki splits its traffic across 4 domains: As a result, the domain with … Continue reading

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